Barrios Mágicos

Apizaco, Tlaxcala Apizaco is one of the municipalities that make up Tlaxcala and is designated as a Magical Neighborhood. Discover its attractions on your next getaway!
Barrio Antiguo Monterrey Walk through the streets filled with history, art, culture, and attractions. Enjoy the vibrant vibe of this Monterrey hotspot!
Chihuahua’s Historic Center Relive episodes of Mexico's history in the heart of Chihuahua City.
El Arbolito, Hidalgo The Magic Neighborhood of El Arbolito Stands Out for Its Cozy Atmosphere and Rich Cultural Diversity, with a Story on Every Corner. Discover Them All!
El Santuario, Guerrero Discover the Charms of Guerrero in Its New Magic Neighborhood: El Santuario in Tixtla. Here's What You Can Do for Your Getaway.
Historic Center of Chetumal, Quintana Roo The Historic Center of the Capital of Quintana Roo is also a Magic Village. Discover Why!
Jalatlaco, Oaxaca Since 2023, this destination in Oaxaca has been recognized as one of the first Magical Neighborhoods of Mexico. Located just a few blocks from the city center, don't miss visiting it on your next getaway!
La Chinesca, Baja California Discover the Magic Neighborhood of La Chinesca in Mexicali! A Historic Destination with Much to Offer Its Visitors.
La Ermita, San Sebastián, and Xcalachén, Yucatan Discover the Magical Neighborhood of La Ermita, San Sebastián, and Xcalachén, a vibrant sector in the heart of Mérida bursting with unforgettable colors and aromas.
Mineral de la Luz, Guanajuato The Magical Neighborhood of Guanajuato is one of its mining towns, founded in the late 19th century. Discover this charming attraction of the Bajío, located very close to the capital of Guanajuato!
Ocosingo, Chiapas In the midst of the jungle, Ocosingo shines with its history, color, and culture.
San Pedro, Michoacán Waterfalls, Rivers, and Rich History in This Magic Neighborhood of Uruapan.
San Román, Campeche Discover the magic of San Román and its Black Christ, carved from ebony wood, one of the most deeply rooted religious traditions in the peninsula since 1565.
Tlaxcala, San Luis Potosí Discover the first Barrio Bravo from where great wrestlers and boxers have emerged. It 's name is Tlaxcala, the Magic Village of San Luis Potosí.
Villa de Seris, Sonora Have You Already Discovered the Magic Neighborhood of Villa de Seris in Hermosillo? Here's More About This Destination and How to Enjoy It.
Xallitic, Veracruz Alleys, bridges, parks, and fountains. Discover this ancient Magical Neighborhood in Xalapa.
Xochimilco, Mexico City The Magical Neighborhood of Mexico City is Xochimilco, a tourism landmark and a favourite spot for a getaway.
Zona Luz, Tabasco Zona Luz in Villahermosa is the historic gateway to significant events and majestic tourist attractions.