Villa de Seris, Sonora

Have You Already Discovered the Magic Neighborhood of Villa de Seris in Hermosillo? Here's More About This Destination and How to Enjoy It.

The ancient colony of Villa de Seris in Hermosillo has a unique personality. For centuries, it developed alongside the city of Hermosillo, separated only by the Sonora River. Find all the information you need to explore this Magic Neighborhood in the north here.

Discover the Magic of Villa de Seris: Much More Than the Home of the Best Coyotas in Mexico

This typical place with tourist, historical, and cultural value is part of the heart and identity of Hermosillo. In its alleys, reminiscent of colonial times, you can perceive aromas escaping from businesses that are well-identified with the town of Seris, as some call it.

The title of Magic Neighborhood is given to emblematic places located in the capital or interior cities of the country that reflect the spirit and essence of a city. In the case of Villa de Seris, the architecture of its buildings, mainly dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, stands out, along with its rich natural and cultural heritage.

What to Do in the Magic Neighborhood of Villa de Seris

  • Enjoy its traditional cuisine; you’ll want to take packages of coyotas for your whole family!
  • Visit the emblematic Plaza de los Tres Pueblos.
  • Stroll through Plaza de la Candelaria and the Church of La Candelaria.
  • Take an unforgettable photo of the Seri Monument in the plaza of the Church of Our Lady of Candelaria.
  • Don’t miss the chance to walk the cultural promenade and enjoy the activities available during the season.
  • Learn at the Musas Museum.
  • Marvel at the remains of the first Pitic Presidio, where the Spanish ruled the Seris.


Keep in mind that it is hot in this city all year round to varying degrees. We highly recommend checking your favorite weather app to plan your visit to Villa de Seris during the most suitable weather for you.

When to Visit

Villa de Seris offers a cultural feast that will captivate you during its festivities.

  • The Deer Dance: A mystical dance to enter the world of dreams among certain indigenous peoples of northern Mexico. We recommend checking the cultural calendar of certified venues celebrating this ancient dance in Villa de Seris to find the exact event schedule.
  • Sonoran Capirotada: As you read, this dessert has become a Sonoran tradition for Lent.
  • Dance of the Matachines: Another Sonoran tradition carried out during Lent. The Dance of the Matachines is related to the ancient Jesuit missionaries and is mostly performed by indigenous populations such as the Yoremes.

Where to Eat

It is said that you can find the best carne asada in the country nearby. Are you up for discovering it? Here are two recommendations to start your gourmet journey.

  • Cecina Mr. Toto Serna. C. Marsella 99, El Malecon. You can have a dish and a drink with an approximate budget of $300.00 to $500.00 MXN per person.
  • Restaurante Xochimilco. Calle Gral Álvaro Obregón 51. This restaurant offers packages for large groups. You can plan a budget of around $250.00 to $400.00 MXN per person.

Where to Stay

We recommend staying in Hermosillo to make the most of your trip and discover more northern secrets of the area.

  • Araiza Hermosillo. Blvd. Fco. Eusebio Kino 353, Lomas Pitic. Approximate cost per night: $1,607.00 MXN
  • City Express Hermosillo. Blvr. P.º Río Sonora Nte. 96, Proyecto Rio. Approximate cost per night: $2,093.00 MXN

How to Get There

First, you must fly to General Ignacio Pesqueira García International Airport, an international airport located in Hermosillo. The ticket cost from Mexico City can vary between $1,679 and $3,300 MXN.

From downtown Hermosillo, it takes only 8 minutes (3.8 km) via Guaymas – Hermosillo/Hermosillo – Guaymas.




Villa de Seris, Hermosillo, Son., México

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