Xallitic, Veracruz

Alleys, bridges, parks, and fountains. Discover this ancient Magical Neighborhood in Xalapa.

The Magical Neighborhood of Xallitic in Xalapa is unique. Nestled in a ravine, it was founded by the Totonacs on the banks of a spring. Its name comes from Nahuatl and means “in the belly of the sand.”

One of the four neighborhoods that gave rise to the founding of Xalapa, Xallitic has witnessed the passage of centuries and remains an icon of the city. With its cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and original historical layout, it is an essential stop on any trip to Xalapa.

Discover the Magic of Xallitic Magical Neighborhood

In 2023, Xallitic was designated by the Secretariat of Tourism, becoming the Magical Neighborhood of the State of Veracruz.

Magical Neighborhoods is a SECTUR program focused on promoting destinations full of charm, tradition, and mysticism, both in capital cities and throughout the country. The initiative aims to boost fully identified and delineated urban areas.

Due to its historical roots, colorful scenes, and tourist offerings, this area is now part of Mexico’s Magical Neighborhoods.

What to Do in Xallitic Magical Neighborhood 

Walk through the picturesque cobblestone streets and narrow alleys of Xallitic, where every corner tells the story of the colonial era and Totonac culture. Climb and descend the various stairways to discover unexpected views and hidden spots. From the iconic Xallitic Bridge, you can enjoy the best views of the neighborhood and take excellent photographs.

Xallitic is a magnet for religious tourism, especially with the canonization of Saint Rafael Guízar y Valencia, whose remains are here. You can visit the sanctuary that houses them and the museum that exhibits the saint’s relics.

Other attractions in Xallitic include:

  • Visit Plazuela El Árbol: It is the heart and meeting point of Xallitic.
  • Take a photo in front of the stairs: The spot where Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the movie “Collateral Damage.”
  • Take a specialty coffee tour, the religious tour, or the Xalapa Flowers and Misty Forest tour.


When to Visit During the Day of the Dead season, Xantolo is celebrated in Xallitic, making it an excellent time to visit. The streets are filled with altars, parades, and music.

Where to Eat in Xallitic Magical Neighborhood

  • Restaurante Los Nopales: A traditional place serving delights such as chilaquiles al pastor, alambres, and all kinds of tacos.
  • Mercado Jáuregui: The perfect place to try typical sweets and snacks, such as the famous Veracruz picaditas.

Where to Stay

  • Hostal Catre de mi Corazón: An economical option to stay in this Magical Neighborhood and meet other travelers. It has a beautiful garden!
  • Hotel Real de Cortés: Located in an old neighborhood building, it has all the necessary amenities and a lovely central patio.

How to Get to Xallitic Magical Neighborhood 

Francisco I. Madero and Rafael Lucio streets provide access to the neighborhood. It is located just three blocks from Xalapa’s central plaza.


Xallitic, El Olmo, Xalapa, Ver., México

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