Jalatlaco, Oaxaca

Since 2023, this destination in Oaxaca has been recognized as one of the first Magical Neighborhoods of Mexico. Located just a few blocks from the city center, don't miss visiting it on your next getaway!

The gastronomy and colorful facades of the city of Oaxaca are reasons that attract more and more visitors to this beautiful Mexican destination. One of the surprises when visiting this city is discovering, just 20 minutes from the main square, one of the oldest settlements in the city. The Magical Neighborhood of Jalatlaco is small and full of surprises that you will love to discover on your next getaway to Oaxaca.

Discover the Magic of Jalatlaco Magical Neighborhood 

This Magical Neighborhood is a destination within a destination. Just a few blocks away from the center of Oaxaca City, you will find this colorful spot filled with urban art, galleries, shops, and restaurants that have made these streets a must-see attraction.

San Matías Jalatlaco, due to its art, tradition, and architectural beauty, was named a Magical Neighborhood in 2023, a distinction by the Secretariat of Tourism to “spaces that combine elements that make them unique and unrepeatable due to their historical, cultural, and gastronomic richness, and their products and services.”

The neighborhood originated in 1486 as a settlement for Mexica soldiers. It is part of the historic monuments area of the city, and its Catholic temple, built at the end of the 17th century, was erected in honor of San Matías.

Its attractions were almost secret to visitors, but it didn’t take long to become one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Mexico. Its streets are cobblestone, and its colonial-style adobe and quarry houses. On its walls, you can see colorful graffiti, artistic expressions that deserve a whole day of walking through its streets.

What to Do in Jalatlaco Magical Neighborhood

  • Visit the San Matías Jalatlaco Temple: Built in green quarry stone, this beautiful building has paintings and murals inside that deserve to be admired.
  • Discover the NN Art Gallery: Showcasing the best of contemporary art, often featuring local artists.
  • Enjoy a Coffee and Relax: A café is a refuge when exploring a destination, to rest and enjoy a regional coffee. There are as many restaurants as specialty cafés here, all within a few blocks.
  • Explore the Streets and Murals: Graffiti by urban artists has made the streets of Jalatlaco one of the most attractive in the city.


During October and November, the streets fill with decorations and crafts covering the facades and establishments for the Day of the Dead. Bring your camera because everything is worth capturing!

You can choose to stay in one of its boutique hotels and from here visit the attractions of the city of Oaxaca, as you will be in the main streets of the Oaxacan capital in a 20-minute walk.

When to Visit

Jalatlaco Magical Neighborhood can be enjoyed any day of the year, but the patron saint festivals can be the best excuse to visit. The main festival is held in honor of the Lord of Tepeaca, 50 days after Easter, on Pentecost Sunday. Additionally, the San Matías festival takes place on the Sunday before Lent begins.

Where to Eat

Asador Bacanora: One of the most prominent Oaxacan chefs arrived in the Magical Neighborhood to delight visitors and residents of Jalatlaco. José Manuel Baños prepares dishes with very Oaxacan ingredients and techniques, but with a significant focus on beef cuts. (5 de mayo 614, Jalatlaco).

Where to Stay

Cochinilla Hotel Boutique: A small hotel perfect for staying and enjoying both Jalatlaco Magical Neighborhood and the city of Oaxaca, as its location is perfect for exploring both destinations. (Calzada de la República 406, Jalatlaco).

How to Get to Jalatlaco

The Jalatlaco Magical Neighborhood is a 20-minute walk from the main square of Oaxaca de Juárez, separated by the Calzada De la República. If you arrive by ADO bus, you only need to walk a few blocks to immerse yourself in its magic, as this terminal is part of the neighborhood.


Jalatlaco, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México

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