San Román, Campeche

Discover the magic of San Román and its Black Christ, carved from ebony wood, one of the most deeply rooted religious traditions in the peninsula since 1565.

In the municipality of San Francisco, in the city of Campeche, you’ll find San Román, a place rich in tradition with the scent of the sea and tales of overseas adventures, where religious tourism is one of its most notable attractions. Listen to the stories of the Black Christ that will surprise you!

Discover the Magic of San Román

Exploring this Magical Neighborhood means more than just walking its cobblestone streets. It involves uncovering the legends and stories that give life, identity, and pride to the people of Campeche. Each corner offers a reason to fall in love with and enjoy your trip with excitement.

What to Do in San Román

  • Visit the Sanctuary of the Black Christ
  • Relax in the park adjacent to the church
  • Eat at the market
  • Explore traditional corners such as “El Cocal,” “La Cruz del Cabrero,” and “La Cueva del Toro”
  • Visit the “Paseo de los Héroes” and the house of the renowned archaeologist Román Pila Chan
  • Walk along the Malecón and visit its restaurants
  • See the picturesque houses with tile and palm roofs, old mansions, and the “El Retiro” estate


The spectacular sea views add a special touch to this neighborhood, inviting you to explore it from top to bottom. Meeting the Black Christ, dining on the Malecón, and walking through its historic center are must-see highlights to truly experience this neighborhood.

When to Visit

  • May: The festival in honor of San Romanito before the planting season and in request for rain.
  • August: Celebrations for San Román Mártir, in whose honor the neighborhood church was built.
  • September: The biggest celebration on September 14th in honor of the Black Christ. There are amusement rides, lottery games, food stalls, and regional accessories.

Where to Eat

  • Casa de Don Gustavo: Calle 59, Zona Centro, 24000 Campeche. $250 MXN.
  • La Pigua: Av. Miguel Alemán no. 179A, Campeche. $350 MXN.
  • Casa Vieja de los Arcos: Calle 10 Núm. 319, altos. Entre 55 y 57. Centro, Campeche. $450 MXN.

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Misión Campeche: C. 10 No. 252, Zona Centro, 24000 San Francisco de Campeche. $1,300 MXN.
  • Hotel Plaza Colonial: Calle 10, Zona Centro, Campeche. $1,500 MXN.
  • Ocean View: Av. Pedro Sainz de Baranda, Joaquín Clausell con, 24010 San Francisco de Campeche. $3,300 MXN.

How to Get to San Román

There are direct flights from Mexico City to Campeche International Airport. The neighborhood is 15 minutes from the Campeche XXI Convention and Exhibition Center. If driving, it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Mérida, 3 hours from Ciudad del Carmen, and approximately 5 hours from Cancún.


San Roman, San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche, México

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