Barrio Antiguo Monterrey

Walk through the streets filled with history, art, culture, and attractions. Enjoy the vibrant vibe of this Monterrey hotspot!

The Barrio Antiguo is where Monterrey began. If you want to learn about the origins of this metropolis, you must walk through the streets where the city’s first settlers established themselves in the 17th century.

Discover the Magic of Barrio Antiguo in Monterrey 

In 2023, Barrio Antiguo was designated as a Magical Neighborhood by the Secretariat of Tourism, becoming the Magical Neighborhood of the state of Nuevo León.

Magical Neighborhoods is a SECTUR program focused on promoting destinations full of charm, tradition, and mysticism, both in capital cities and throughout the country. The initiative aims to boost fully identified and delineated urban areas.

Due to the preservation of its historic buildings, its vibrant nightlife, and its vast cultural offerings, this area is now part of Mexico’s Magical Neighborhoods.

What to Do in Barrio Antiguo? 

Walk and observe the historic buildings that tell stories through plaques located on their exteriors. Relive history and travel back in time to the early years of Monterrey.

Barrio Antiguo has historic buildings preserved in excellent condition. For example, Governor José María Ortega lived in the Casa de las Águilas, which also served as the headquarters of the U.S. Army in 1846.

Other attractions in this neighborhood include:

  • The Old House of Ignacio Zaragoza, home of the French intervention hero.
  • Barrio Antiguo Cultural Center
  • Museum of Mexican History
  • Museum of the Northeast
  • Paseo Santa Lucía
  • Its restaurants, bars, and cantinas.
  • CONARTE Bookstore
  • Plaza de los Héroes del 46
  • Casa de los Títeres

When to Visit the Neighborhood? 

The nights during the Christmas season are a great time to visit. The buildings are often decorated with lights, bright colors, and all sorts of seasonal motifs, adding magic to the place.

Where to Eat?

  • Me Muero de Hambre: A colorful and fun establishment that includes a taqueria, pizzeria, snack bar, and cevicheria, all in the same place!
  • El Mercado Barrio Antiguo: A great alternative with various options like tacos, burgers, sushi, and more.

Where to Stay?

  • Ikali Hostel: A good option for a tight budget. It is located inside a beautiful old mansion and offers services like WiFi, concierge, and a shared kitchen.
  • Don Johnny’s: A colorful boutique hotel with modern decor and all the comforts you need to rest.

How to Get There?

 Barrio Antiguo is located in the heart of Monterrey’s historic center, just one block from the Macroplaza. Constitución, Padre Mier, and Juan Zuazua are the streets that provide access.

It has bus stations for lines R004 and R017, and the nearest metro station is General Ignacio Zaragoza.


Barrio Antiguo, Centro, Monterrey, N.L., México

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