Historic Center of Chetumal, Quintana Roo

The Historic Center of the Capital of Quintana Roo is also a Magic Village. Discover Why!

The Historic Center of Chetumal holds historical and natural attractions that enrich its cultural heritage, along with its monuments, museums, and murals.

Discover the Magic of the Historic Center of Chetumal

Explore this Magic Neighborhood located in one of the most attractive destinations in southeastern Mexico, considered the “cradle of mestizaje.” Chetumal offers various points of interest for visitors, serving as a gateway to beautiful tourist sites.

What to Do in the Historic Center of Chetumal

Visit the photographic stops on Boulevard Bahía, such as the Fisherman’s Fountain or the decorated letters with the legend ‘here begins Mexico’. Discover the International Maritime Terminal of Chetumal and the colossal five-meter-high sculpture of Nachi Cocom, a key warrior in the Caste War. Additionally, take advantage of the tour to visit a third stop, featuring the word ‘Mexico’ and the image of two herons representing the region’s fauna.

These are the attractions you can visit in the Magic Neighborhood of Chetumal:

  • Museum of Maya Culture
  • City Museum
  • Lighthouse Museum
  • Chronicle House
  • Morelos Hospital and Belisario Domínguez School (Cultural Center of Fine Arts)
  • Pao Obispo Model
  • Renaissance Park
  • Minerva Theater
  • Centenary Plaza
  • Rafael E. Melgar Polyforum
  • Manatee Sanctuary


Tour the Historic Center on the ChetuBus, which will take you to some of its most attractive points along its tourist route in the downtown area and Boulevard Bahía. The nightlife is unmissable, where you can enjoy the evening with a delicious coffee while listening to trova music or attending a cultural event at the Flag Esplanade, Minerva Theater, or outdoors on Avenida Héroes. On the Boulevard Bahía side, you’ll find a variety of restaurants, bars, live music, and entertainment centers for all tastes.

When to Visit

The attractions and activities are available year-round, so you can visit Chetumal at any time. However, we recommend a couple of special events that fill the streets with joy:

  • Feria de la Frontera Sur, held on October 28 in honor of San Judas Tadeo. Enjoy the fair and collective fun.
  • Festival of Caribbean Culture, held in November, featuring a plethora of musical, dance, theatrical, visual arts, literary, art criticism, and culinary manifestations.

Where to Eat

Here are a couple of places to enjoy a rich variety of seafood and traditional cuisine, characterized by the influence of Belizean Creole cuisine. Visit the Municipal Public Market ‘Ignacio Manuel Altamirano’ and be sure to try the Rice and Beans, adobo chicken, flambéed fish, or garlic crabs.

  • Almina Chetumal. C. José María Morelos 3, Centro, 77000 Chetumal. $200 to $300 MXN.
  • Forasteros. Avenida Francisco I. Madero, David G Gutiérrez Ruiz 318, 77013 Chetumal. $200 to $300 MXN.

Where to Stay

There are many accommodation styles ranging from avant-garde places to ecotourism spots. Choose whether you want to relax in a hammock in the middle of the jungle or from a roof lounge with music and spectacular views.

  • El Chital Cabins. Manatee Sanctuary, Raudales, Laguna Guerrero. $2,150 MXN.
  • Fiesta Inn Chetumal. Av. Álvaro Obregón No.229 esq. Av. Independencia Col, Centro, Chetumal. $1,900 MXN.
  • Hotel Kohunlich. Km. 5.6, Chetumal Escárcega Highway, Chetumal. $6,000 MXN.

How to Get to the Historic Center of Chetumal

Fly from anywhere in the world to Chetumal International Airport. If you’re coming from Cancún, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum, you can take Federal Highway 307, which connects these destinations. From the airport to the Historic Center, it’s a 7-minute drive (taxi) or a 40-minute walk.


Centro, Chetumal, Q.R., México

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