Xochimilco, Mexico City

The Magical Neighborhood of Mexico City is Xochimilco, a tourism landmark and a favourite spot for a getaway.

Xochimilco is a fertile land of canals and chinampas, a destination in Mexico City named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987. Due to its history, tradition, charm, and mysticism, among other features, Xochimilco has been included in the Magical Neighborhoods program since 2023. This distinction aims to diversify the tourist offerings of destinations and broaden the range of experiences for potential national and international visitors.

Discover the Magic of Xochimilco 

Xochimilco has captivated millions of tourists from all over the world with its rides on the colorful and famous trajineras, its plant and flower market, and other attractions.

What to Do in Xochimilco Magical Neighborhood

Ride the Trajineras Located in the southeast of Mexico City, this neighborhood is known for its iconic canals where you can ride a trajinera. There are ten docks where you can do this, open every day of the year.

Buy Plants at the Market The Madreselva Market is a favorite for buying plants and flowers. It is a vast place with various types of plants and trees. Be sure to try the ice cream and other sweets offered here.

Visit the Ecological Park You will be surprised to discover this green space of 165 hectares. The Xochimilco Ecological Park is an area with various activities for the whole family, where you can practice sports or simply have a picnic and watch the birds.

Explore the Temple and Convent This church, which occupies the heart of Xochimilco, began construction in 1535. The Temple and Convent of San Bernardino de Siena preserves a plateresque altarpiece in its main altar, cataloged as one of the three most valuable in 16th-century Mexico. Don’t miss it!

The Island of the Dolls This is one of the chinampas that has become a must-visit in Xochimilco. Its owner, Don Julián, has a collection of over 2,500 dolls that he has been gathering since 1955 when he started it.


Nearby Attractions Don’t miss some of the attractions near the Magical Neighborhood of Mexico City. In this area, you can visit its original towns, which hold traditional celebrations throughout the year. San Pedro Actopan, known for its moles, and Santiago Tulyehualco, famous for its ice cream and amaranth sweets, are nearby and worth a visit.

When to Visit 

Mexico City has favorable weather throughout the year. Even during the rainy season, you can visit this Magical Neighborhood early and enjoy attractions like the trajineras before the afternoon rain. One of its main celebrations, “La Flor Más Bella del Ejido,” takes place starting on Friday before Palm Sunday and continues for a week, making it a must-attend event. Another option is the Snow Fair during the Easter celebrations.

Where to Eat 

During your trajinera ride, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the food and snacks offered from other boats. Tlacoyos, gorditas, grilled corn, esquites, and other delights are part of the experience.

Xochimilco has some typical dishes that you can try in traditional restaurants like Lina. Look for tlapique, a fish tamale with onion and tomato, mole with chicken in its red, almond, green, or pipián versions, and for dessert, try the ice cream and sweets made with amaranth.

Where to Stay 

There are several inns near Xochimilco Magical Neighborhood for spending the night in the southern part of Mexico City. La Quinta de Xochimilco (Dr. M. Morales 50, Lomas de Tonalco, Xochimilco) is a spacious guest house that will make you forget you’re still in the city. Another nearby option is Hacienda Peña Pobre (Camino a Sta. Teresa 480-2, El Bosque, Tlalpan), on the outskirts of the Tlalpan Forest, ideal for resting and enjoying the clean air offered by this natural area.

How to Get to Xochimilco 

If you’re driving, access the Glorieta de Vaqueritos via Periférico Sur; continue on Prolongación División del Norte until you reach the intersection with Guadalupe I. Ramírez Avenue, which will take you to the historic center of Xochimilco.

By public transportation, you can reach the Taxqueña Metro Terminal (Line 2) and take one of the following options: transfer to the Light Rail, which goes to the Xochimilco Terminal station, or board a microbus on Route 36 heading to Xochimilco-Centro-Galeana, or Muyuguarda–Xochimilco Centro.


C. Pensamiento 6, Xaltocan, Xochimilco, 16090 Ciudad de México, CDMX, México

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