El Santuario, Guerrero

Discover the Charms of Guerrero in Its New Magic Neighborhood: El Santuario in Tixtla. Here's What You Can Do for Your Getaway.

Located 17 km from Chilpancingo, Guerrero, lies the magical neighborhood of El Santuario in Tixtla. Here, you will find more information about this picturesque destination nestled in the lands of Guerrero.

Discover the Historical Charm of El Santuario

Tixtla is renowned for being the birthplace of Vicente Guerrero. With its rich history and cultural charm, it is truly a treasure of the state of Guerrero.

El Santuario, located exactly 5.68 km from the center of Tixtla Guerrero, was named a Magical Neighborhood due to its historical, gastronomic, and cultural richness, as well as the warmth of its inhabitants.

What to Do in El Santuario, Tixtla Guerrero

Due to its privileged location in the central region of Guerrero, this city shines with an architectural heritage that spans centuries of historical legacy. We recommend exploring its streets to soak up the unique revolutionary flavor.

  • Discover the busts and statues honoring iconic figures such as Vicente Guerrero, Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Antonia Nava de Catalán, and José María Morelos y Pavón.
  • Visit the Fortín neighborhood and its elegant chapel. The Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Nativity also adorns the locality with its historical significance.
  • Fall in love with its historical monuments, including the imposing Parish of San Martín de Tours, erected in the 17th century by the Augustinian friars.
  • Immerse yourself in its natural wonders. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into La Laguna, the enigmatic Resumidero, or enjoy the serenity of the Presa Molinito and the refreshing invitation of the Teoixtla water park.
  • Explore its archaeological zone. Named Los Tepoltzis, the archaeological site was named after the hill where it is located.
  • Enjoy its cuisine. Highlights include dishes like fiambre, made with an exquisite mixture of meats and vegetables, or huacaxtoro, a delicate white broth made with beef, served alongside tololocho tamales.


The climate is semi-warm subhumid. During December and January, temperatures can drop to around 18°C. The annual average temperature is around 25°C. Keep this information in mind when planning your visit.

When to Visit?

Tixtla is a small city rich in religious traditions. If you enjoy religious tourism, you will likely find activities of interest at any time of the year.

  • Day of the Dead in Tixtla: This Magical Neighborhood is renowned for its Day of the Dead celebration, which begins on the night of October 31. All the neighborhoods place handmade arches made from locally cultivated materials such as corn, beans, and flowers like velvet and marigold on the main street leading to the cemetery. During the celebration, traditional regional dances such as Los Tlacololeros, Los Moros, Los Chinelos, Los Diablos, and Los Manueles perform, dancing from the neighborhood to the cemetery to the rhythms of tarima music such as the zopilote, the iguana, the petenera, and the pato. Mezcal, a typical regional drink, is also shared.
  • Xilocruz Festival: In Atliaca, a municipality of Tixtla, farmers believe that in September, during the Xilocruz celebration, when the corn cob blooms and forms, the spirit of the corn arrives. People welcome it with incense, candles, and flowers. They sanctify the land by placing blessed palm crosses on the corn plants, at the corners of the field or its edges.

Where to Eat?

Without a doubt, white or green pozole is the emblem of Guerrero’s typical dishes. Traditional white pozole is a broth of boiled corn grains flavored with cow or pig head. Fiambre is also a traditional local treat.

  • Pozolería Mary: Hermenegildo Galeana 59A, San Lucas. Meals cost approximately $150.00 to $250.00 MXN.
  • Antojitos Mexicanos “Ene”: Baltazar R. Leyva Mancilla 36, Fortín. Meals cost approximately $150.00 to $250.00 MXN.

Where to Stay?

While you will find some local, rustic, and comfortable accommodations, you can also opt for well-known hotels to rest.

  • Hotel Paradise Inn: Blvd. Vicente Guerrero, C. 21 de Marzo Esquina, Benito Juárez. This hotel costs approximately $1,064.00 MXN per night.
  • Holiday Inn Chilpancingo: Ciudad de Los Servicios, Blvd. Vicente Guerrero 148. This hotel costs approximately $1,600.00 MXN per night.

How to Get There?

To visit this Magical Neighborhood from outside Guerrero, we recommend first taking a flight to Chilpancingo National Airport or Aerodrome Doctor Alfonso G. Alarcón. Round-trip tickets from Mexico City cost around $1,500 MXN.

Tixtla is a Mexican city located in the central region of the state of Guerrero, 17 kilometers from the state capital, Chilpancingo. The distance to reach the Magical Neighborhood from the state capital takes about 35 minutes by car.



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