El Arbolito, Hidalgo

The Magic Neighborhood of El Arbolito Stands Out for Its Cozy Atmosphere and Rich Cultural Diversity, with a Story on Every Corner. Discover Them All!

In Pachuca, there are special corners waiting to be discovered, and the Magic Neighborhood of El Arbolito is one of those hidden treasures that charm urban adventurers.

Discover the Magic of El Arbolito

Explore the colorful streets and alleys filled with music and legends from this mining-origin region. Enjoy its urban architecture, which reflects its glorious past.

What to Do in El Arbolito

  • Cultural tours through its streets
  • Drink pulque at Don Cu, one of the oldest cantinas in Pachuca
  • Participate in a callejoneada with Tunas
  • Join cultural and sports workshops
  • Hike to San Cristóbal Hill
  • Night tours with legends
  • Gastronomic tours


The best way to get to know a place is to talk to its people. We suggest taking the cantina tour, where you can enjoy snacks with typical Hidalguense dishes while learning about the mining past from the pulquería and cantina owners, as well as their patrons. Don’t miss the callejoneadas, which are full of bohemian energy and local legends.

When to Visit

Permanent cultural activities and tours are held at least twice a month. Make a reservation in advance with Arbolito Cultural, an association dedicated to space recovery and promoting workshops.

Where to Eat

Around the neighborhood, you can find places to enjoy dishes with typical regional ingredients, family restaurants, and international cuisine, not to mention the wide range of pastes available throughout Pachuca.

  • Mercado Benito Juárez: A must-visit in the historic center for regional food.
  • La Gusgueria del Barrio: A contemporary concept for enjoying Mexican food.
  • Ocho Nueve: The ideal place if you’re in the mood for all kinds of snacks.

Where to Stay

  • Hotel Emily: C. PI. de la Independencia S/N, Centro, 42000 Pachuca de Soto. $900 MXN.
  • Hotel Capitalino: C. Pl. de la Independencia 116, Centro, 42000 Pachuca de Soto. $1,000 MXN.
  • Hotel Misión: Blvrd Javier Rojo Gómez 104, Ex-hacienda de Coscotitlán, Lomas Residencial Pachuca, 42094 Pachuca de Soto. $996 MXN.

How to Get to El Arbolito

You have several options for getting there, such as taking public transport, using a taxi, or simply walking from downtown Pachuca. For a more authentic experience, consider renting a bicycle and exploring the neighborhood at your own pace.

Photos: Manuel Ceronte and Arbolito Cultural



El Arbolito, Pachuca, Hgo., México

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