Ocosingo, Chiapas

In the midst of the jungle, Ocosingo shines with its history, color, and culture.

Surrounded by the lush Lacandon jungle and recognized as the second national spot in wild flora and fauna, Ocosingo is a natural and cultural treasure.

In addition to its impressive natural surroundings, this neighborhood is steeped in history, from monumental archaeological sites to the preservation of colonial architecture.

Discover the Magic of Ocosingo

In 2023, Ocosingo received the title of “Magical Neighborhood” from the Secretariat of Tourism, becoming the Magical Neighborhood in the state of Chiapas.

Magical Neighborhoods is a SECTUR program focused on promoting destinations full of charm, tradition, and mysticism, both in capital cities and throughout the country. The initiative aims to boost fully identified and delineated urban areas.

Due to its cultural richness, history, and colorful streets, this area is now part of Mexico’s Magical Neighborhoods.

What to Do in Ocosingo’s Magical Neighborhood

Stroll Through the Central Plaza The heart of the town, this place gathers several of Ocosingo’s main attractions. The Temple and Convent of San Jacinto de Polonia, built in 1569, showcases its architecture with Baroque and Neoclassical influences. Here, you will also find the municipal palace, featuring elegant Porfirian architecture.

Walk Along the Guadalupano Promenade This is a pedestrian street adorned with lush vegetation and lights at night. Along the way, you will find restaurants, shops, and all kinds of businesses, as well as beautiful murals.

Visit the Toniná Archaeological Site The Toniná archaeological site is located 10 kilometers east of Ocosingo. Here, you can see the remains of a warrior state that prevailed over Palenque and left a dazzling acropolis.


When to Visit Ocosingo

The San Jacinto de Polonia Fair, celebrated in August, is one of the best times to visit this Magical Neighborhood. In honor of the town’s patron saint, the community comes together to host religious, musical, and artistic activities.

Where to Eat in Ocosingo’s Magical Neighborhood

Espresso, a restaurant and café in the center of town, is a local favorite and serves delights such as chilaquiles with cecina or cheese-crusted steak. El Jarocho is a traditional restaurant where you can enjoy seafood in the form of tortillas filled with seafood, fish and shrimp soups, and cocktails, among others.

Where to Stay

La Exhacienda La Ilusión is a remodeled old hacienda where you can stay and relive Ocosingo’s past. It has all the comforts and is a peaceful space. Hotel Central has a central location, affordable prices, and a beautiful open terrace from which to appreciate the view of the town.

How to Get to Ocosingo’s Magical Neighborhood

By car, from San Cristóbal, take the exit to Comitán and drive to Rancho Nuevo. There, take the turnoff to Federal Highway 199 (San Cristóbal-Ocosingo). This road will take you to Ocosingo.

Buses also depart from Tuxtla and San Cristóbal.



Ocosingo, Chis., México

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