Un centro cosmopolita San Cristobal de las Casas
Destino Magical Town Magical Town

San Cristóbal de las Casas

Walk along its misty streets with your favorite person by your side. Notice the coffee aroma drifting out onto the colorful streets. Venture into the town’s surroundings and experience all that its communities have to offer.

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What Makes It Magical 

This bustling town is nestled between mountainsWalk its streets like its locals do every day, at the end of almost all of them you will find mountain and mist. Get to know the heart of the Tzotzil and Tzeltal communities; sit down in their kitchens and try a hand-made tortilla, straight off the comal. Help a weaver create their intricate textiles; and finally, drink an aromatic coffee and be a barista for a day in Carajillo Café.  

Why You Should Go 

Its Cosmopolitan Atmosphere 

  • The city was founded in 1528 by the Spanish and various colonial buildings have been conserved
  • The presence of the Tzotzils and the Tzeltals is what makes this town a culturally rich space. There are many foreigners who have made it their home and opened stores, restaurants and cafés. 
  • The result is a bustling metropolis in the middle of the mountains, which is perfect for wandering through on foot

At the Very Least 

Follow the Andador Eclesiástico and the Andador Real de Guadalupe, two pedestrian routes that constitute the heart of this Magical Town. 

Don’t Miss 

  1. Walk from the Templo de Santo Domingo to the Templo del Carmen and visit their cultural spaces. 
  1. Try the wine in the Inter Vino store, the posh in La Posheria and the coffee in Carajillo Café
  1. Take short trips to Zinacantán, Amatenango del Valle and San Juan Chamula
  1. Walk along the Andador Eclesiástico and the Andador Real de Guadalupetwo pedestrian routes that constitute the heart of this Magical Town.