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Walk along the banks of the Río Orizaba; travel up high inside a cable car and observe its beauty from above; climb the highest volcano in Mexico, and explore the country’s only iron palace.

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What Makes It Magical

EnOrizaba is in the Altas Montañas region, the “place of the joyful waters”. The lives of local people pass by between colonial buildings and large natural spaces. The shore of the Río Orizaba offers a landscape of art and animal life. Its city center is home to Mexico’s only Iron Palace where these days you can stop and drink a beer. Travel skywards in a cable car and observe the beautiful face of the Pico de Orizaba.

Why You Should Go

The Palacio de Hierro

  • The Iron Palace was designed by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel.
  • It is the world’s only art nouveau castle built with metal.
  • It can be completely dismantled.

At the Very Least

Drink a beer in the Beer Museum, located inside the Palacio de Hierro.

Don’t Miss

  1. Take a ride in the Orizaba cable car, the third longest in Mexico.
  2. Visit the zoo on the banks of the Río Orizaba.
  3. Refresh yourself with a “picardía orizabeña” (a drink made with coffee, liqueur, and condensed milk).