Carranza House & Museum

Museo Casa Carranza

The old house where wake was held for the body of President Venustiano Carranza (before it was taken to Mexico City) is now a museum set up in his memory. His innards were kept here in an urn that features each year in a ceremony held by his descendants marking the anniversary of his passing. The museum setup is comprised of prints that relate the events of the revolutionary leader and president’s death: from his persecution to the attack in 1920, and even the funeral procession that bid him into the annals of Mexican history. There are also historic photographs of the town from when the revolutionaries passed through here. A video takes a further look at the Carranza’s murder, while a mural made by the Fundación Arellano proudly commemorates him, depicted holding the 1917 Constitution.




Museo Casa Carranza, 5 de Mayo, Colonia Centro, Xicotepec de Juárez, Puebla, México

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