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Sit down on a bench on one of its plazas and enjoy a sorbet; go inside their quarry stone churches; try some brujitas and tacos de papel; go on an adventure up the Sierra de Órganos and visit Alta Vista archeological site.

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What Makes It Magical

This is a town nestled between hills, where any direction you look in there are slopes on the horizon. On top of these peaks there is always a cross, and in May people climb them to show their devotion. One stream, the Diezmo, crosses the town stealthily. When the sun is shining, the orange-tinted quarry stone of the buildings gleam bright, the marble stone of the streets shines, and so do the people walking over them. As you enter Sombrerete via the old Calle Real, the twisted branches of the broad-leaf privets will welcome you, but as you keep going you will notice thetown doing its utmost to impress you: mansions that once belonged to counts and marquises, the commemorative plaques that speak of history, and its small squares filled with people taking shelter under the trees, wearing hats and refreshing themselves with sorbets.

Why You Should Go

Its Extraordinary Quarry Stone Churches

  • The Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzmán was completed in 1743 and boasts a Churrigueresque facade.
  • The Parroquia de San Juan Bautista has been welcoming the faithful since 1777 and its cupola was destroyed during the Revolution.
  • The Templo de San Francisco, with the Capilla de la Tercera Orden and the Convento de San Mateo on each side.
  • The Templo y Convento de la Soledad, guarded over by the Capuchin Poor Clare nuns.

At the Very Least

If you visit the Capilla de la Candelaria, you will see an image of the town’s patron saint, brought from Seville by Juan de Tolosa in the 16th century.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit La Barra, a bar in Jardín Zaragoza which looks more like a beer museum.
  2. Find Don Mere’s sorbet cart, located in the Plazuela de San Francisco.
  3. Observe the Cerro del Cristo from afar, from the second floor of the Presidencia Municipal.