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Lose yourself in the vibrant hues of the lagoon; slide down a zip line while drinking in views of the lagoon and its idyllic surroundings; swim and scuba dive in all of its natural cenote pools.

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What Makes it Magical

On the shores of the Laguna de Bacalar, the state’s largest lagoon, stands the Magical Town of Bacalar. Life here transpires amidst historical legacy of encounters between the Mayas and pirates, and in the Mayan towns around it, dedicated to wood carving, embroidery, and hammock weaving. The neighboring archeological sites such as Chacchoben are steeped in history and luxuriant with vegetation. People walk through Fuerte de San Felipe and pause, captivated, in front of the lagoon; others sit on the pier wishing to explore what is hiding on the bottom of this great, watery maze; still more set off on boat for the mangrove forest; and there are those who appreciate the view even more from up high.

Why You Should Go

Laguna de los Siete Colores

  • The idyllic view of crystal-clear water. The surface reflects the sun’s rays, creating a range of hues: from turquoise to deep blue.
  • It connects to Laguna de Xul-Há by way of a stretch of shallow water called Los Rápidos. They are about 19.6 feet wide by 984.2 feet long.
  • Some of the oldest living fossils are found here: stromatolites, sedimentary formations created by bacteria that photosynthesize and produce oxygen.
  • There are translucent cenote pools perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

At the Very Least

Fuerte de San Felipe, besides having great history, offers magnificent views of the lagoon from its perch on the hill.

Don’t Miss

  1. Explore all the lagoon’s nooks and crannies by kayak, sailboat, or catamaran.
  2. Sample a traditional dish while taking in the view from the shores of the lagoon.
  3. Learn about the town’s history and culture in the museum at Fuerte de San Felipe.