Fort of San Felipe

San Felipe Fort boasts the best view of the lagoon, and here you can also find out about its pirate-filled history.

These structures hold 261 years of history featuring the Mayas, the Spanish, and pirates from all over the world. It was designed by the Italian Juan Podio and built with volcanic and limestone rock and stones from the sea. While it currently has 11 canons, years ago it had 34, located in sites such as Baluarte de San José and Baluarte de Santa Ana. Its museum exhibits Mayan archeological pieces, weapons, ammunition, everyday tools, blueprints, maps, and informational cards. It also displays a mural by artist Elio Carmichael, depicting the most important historical events of the region.




Fuerte de San Felipe Bacalar, Avenida 3, Centro, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, México

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