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Discover Chihuahua’s 3 Magical Towns

The state of Chihuahua is home to three Magical Towns imbued with history and tradition. Wonder at their breathtaking scenery. Have you seen them?

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These Are Chihuahua’s Magical Towns

Chihuahua currently boasts three Magical Towns. They are Creel, Batopilas, and Casas Grandes. Each has its own special charm and multiple tourist attractions that are worth discovering. Check them out!

1. Creel

In this Magical Town in Chihuahua, the warmth of its people will steal your heart. Nestled right in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara mountains, Creel abounds with natural wonders. Its scenery seems straight out of a movie—filled with lakes, waterfalls, rivers, rocky ridges, forests, caves, and the stunning Copper Canyons.

If you would like to learn more about Rarámuri culture, visit the town of San Ignacio Arareko located nearby. Here you can learn more about their traditions and customs. Don’t worry about finding a place to stay as there are cabins and campgrounds.

Traveler’s Tip
Venture out to Rukíraso waterfall, which plunges 100 feet in Tararecua Canyon. This is a great place to bike to.

2. Batopilas

Batopilas, which in the Rarámuri language means “enclosed river”, is a Magical Town deep in the heart of the Copper Canyons. Its attraction lies in its mining past—La Bufa and Batopilas were the area’s largest mines yielding a wealth of minerals.

While roaming its streets and square, you can admire its old mansions from the Porfirian era at the turn of the last century. There are the Barffuson and Bigleer homes, and visit the Virgen del Carmen Church, built in the 17th century.

If you want to head out on an adventure in the wilds, we recommend exploring the local rivers and streams and visiting La Bufa mine—the town’s biggest. In Batopilas Canyon you can hike and see regional plants and animals.

Traveler’s Tip
Sample this mining town’s traditional food, such as the potato and cheese soup, cheese with chili peppers, and nut candy. And of course, don’t miss your chance to try its traditional drinks: strong sotol and lechuguilla, liquors made from types of agave, making them cousins of tequila, and delicious tesgüino, a beer-like drink of fermented corn dough, the Rarámuri’s sacred drink.

3. Casas Grandes

Set in the foothills of the Western Sierra Madre mountains, lies Casas Grandes, a town whose history will transport you across time.

Its architecture from various time periods will astonish you. You can find Victorian-style homes and 17th-century buildings, such as the San Antonio de Padua Church, and Paquimé, its extraordinary archeological site. It is registered as a World Heritage site.

Cueva de la Olla archeological site—located 31 miles from Casas Grandes—is the perfect spot to hike to the famous gigantic granary resembling a large vase. Plus, it is a great place to do a photo safari.

Traveler’s Tip
Have a fun night out with your partner and friends in El Arizona y Pistoleros, the best spot to dance to norteño and country music.