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Glimpse the mining past of this Magical Town that shines with history, culture, and natural beauty. Canyons, rivers, gorges, flora, and fauna await in Batopilas.

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What Makes It Magical 

Its splendid past produced by the silver brought out of its mines is only surpassed by the stunning beauty of the eponymous canyon and its incredible natural surroundings—glens, rivers, exotic trees, delightful flowers and birds. However, its greatest treasure is surely its people. They are heirs to an exceptional, age-old culture.  

Why You Should Go 

Its Mining Vibe 

  • In 1706, rich veins of silver were struck, and La Bufa and Batopilas became world famous
  • The British, French, and US Americans poured capital into mining operations. 

At the Very Least 

Tour Mina de Cerro Colorado mine with a guide who can lead you through tunnels, across bridges and canals, and to see grindstones

Don’t Miss 

  1. Hike the main rivers, streams, and the old trails that connected missions. 
  1. Visit Mina La Bufa, one of the region’s 300 most active mines. 
  1. Hike or mountain bike along the river in Batopilas canyon. The views are gorgeous.