Quick Guide to Tourist Attractions in San Luis Potosí

Let us recommend a getaway to this colonial city. Here’s a quick guide to tourist attractions not to be missed in San Luis Potosí.

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Wondering where to go? Let us recommend a getaway to this colonial city. Here’s a quick guide to tourist attractions not to be missed in San Luis Potosí.

There are countless tourist attractions in San Luis Potosí. This gorgeous colonial city has numerous places worth visiting. Below, we provide you with a quick guide of the best tourist attractions in San Luis Potosí not to be missed on your next trip to this state.

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Six San Luis Potosí Basics

1. Plaza de San Francisco. Built between 1689 and 1692, this baroque church and square are, without a doubt, one of San Luis Potosí’s greatest architectural treasures. Its cantera stone facade, Doric columns, and semi-hexagonal main altar make the church a must see when in the city.

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2. Museo Regional Potosino. Two blocks from Plaza de Fundadores, behind the Templo de San Francisco, the Potosí Regional Museum forms part of a Franciscan monastery built in 1568. In addition to exhibitions, check out the Aranzazú chapel on the second floor. The baroque construction with its decoration and roof-covered atrium is testament to a unique architectural vision in the Americas.

3. Plaza del Carmen. This square is something every visitor should see. Musicians and artists gather in this picturesque, tree-lined square with its central bronze fountain depicting an oval-shaped shell supported by fish.

4. Teatro de la Paz. This theater opened in 1894. It occupies a portion of what was originally the Convento del Carmen. It features neoclassical architecture and is one of the city’s main venues.

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5. Museo de la Máscara. Located in an old, 19th-century building, the rare items found at the Mask Museum are why it’s considered one the best museums in Mexico. There are over 1,000 masks from pretty much every place in Mexico.

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6. Museo de las Tradiciones Potosinas. At the Potosí Traditions Museum you can see representations of the brotherhoods that perform the traditional Procession of Silence, held each year on Holy Friday.

What to Shop for in San Luis Potosí

At Casa de las Artesanías you’ll find handicrafts from all over the state.

The rebozo is one of San Luis Potosí’s most popular handicrafts. This emblematic Mexican shawl is primarily produced in Santa María del Río, a town where you’ll find family workshops making rebozos using age-old techniques.

You can also get maqueta boots, wicker baskets, plant-fiber furniture, wool blankets, and mahogany items here.

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See the Areas Surrounding San Luis Potosí

Follow this map and discover places around San Luis Potosí City that are definitely worth checking out.