Franciscan Convent

Beginning in 1562 and ending in 1567, construction of this church and monastery complex make it the oldest in all of Puebla.

It shows off the characteristic simplicity that the Franciscan order imparted on all its constructions in the 16th century. The church interior consists of three naves and, in the back, after a long row of half-point arches, an image of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception welcomes visitors. Above it, in a backlit niche, is St. Francis. As you walk over the historic bricks of the floor, you’ll see that there are still traces of lost frescoes on the walls and an organ in the chorus sits in wait of being played again.

The cloister now contains the Cultural Center (Casa de Cultura), which in turn houses the Museo Comunitario Luciano Márquez Becerra. The community museum is the place to come to learn all about the town’s history and pre-Hispanic past.





Convento Fransciscano, Plazuela Santa Cecilia, Centro, Colonia Santa Julia, Zacatlán, Puebla, México

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