Things to do

Take a Dip in the Pozas

Zozocolco’s pozas or natural pools are an obligatory stop for a refreshing dip during the summer season.

You will love the experience of swimming under the shade of the tall cedar and pepper trees. You can enjoy this gift from nature thanks to how carefully the people of Zozocolco have looked after these natural pools.

The Poza La Junta, Poza del Diablo and the Cascada del Callejón constitute a small paradise if you like the sound of relaxing to the sound of trickling water, surrounded by yellow-breasted birds and beautiful blue butterflies.

Useful Information

Bear in mind that since this place is practically untouched there are no touristic services down by the river. We recommend you visit accompanied by a local guide.


Cascadas Zozocolco, Niños Héroes, Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Ver., México

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