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Admire the Ceras Escamadas and Chinese Lanterns

Zozocolco is a place where you will find handicrafts very much rooted to local traditions relating to the most important festivities.

Two of these handicrafts are ceras escamadas (elaborately sculpted wax) and Chinese lanterns, which any member of this community will almost certainly know how to create.

To observe these traditions in the most authentic way possible, we suggest you visit the town during Holy Week celebrations, when they throw a big party and huge quantities of the sculpted candles made by stewards and families are on offer. Another event you should be there for is the Festival de Globos de Papel de China (Chinese Lantern Festival) that takes place just after the Day of the Dead celebration. You will be surprised by how ingenious and attractive they are.





Zozocolco de Hidalgo, Ver., México

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