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Go on a mole tour and savor its homemade flavors; walk through coffee plantations; explore its forests, ravines, and waterfalls.

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SuWhat Makes It Magical

Xico is located on the slopes of Cofre de Perote, a town surrounded by forests, mountains, cliffs and streams. On its cobbled streets, you will see colonial mansions with their fruit trees that flower all year round; women grinding and making tortillas, the milkmen handing out their products, and the shopkeepers chatting to people. Some people wander through its museums, others around its waterfalls and there are some who sit down in Los Portales to savor a cup of coffee or try the freshly made mole.

Why You Should Go

The Mole Tour

  • This is Xico’s traditional dish par excellence and the sweetest mole.
  • It has more than 24 ingredients.
  • You will learn about the process of production.
  • You will try La Tía Celsa’s mole, with its homemade flavor.
  • The tour concludes in the Mole Xiqueño factory.

At the Very Least

Order some enchiladas (tortillas filled with chicken or cheese) covered in Xico mole in Acamalin.

Don’t Miss

  1. Have picaditas for breakfast, whilst enjoying a view of the coffee plantations.
  2. Refresh yourself in the Texolo waterfall.
  3. Enjoy the view from the Puente de Pextlán.