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Tour its haciendas and drink pulque; camp in the woods, rappel and climb; enjoy its cheese and pulque fair.

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What Makes It Magical

Among wooded mountains, plains covered in spikey magueys, and a large lake sparkles Tlaxco. With Otomí roots, the town ferments and extracts pulque, makes delicious cheeses, and creates interesting wood carvings. Its downtown is presided over by the towers of its church and the pink limestone of Capilla de Lourdes chapel. Here, wanderers are accompanied by blue skies that set off the colors of the haciendas and the intense yellow of the Santo Calvario chapel perfectly.

Why You Should Go

The Pulque-Producing Haciendas

  • For centuries, Tlaxcala’s economy has revolved around pulque production. Its haciendas produced thousands of gallons of the drink that were then taken in barrels to Mexico City.
  • Hacienda Tepetzala is an icon of agriculture and pulque production, as well as cattle ranching. It still preserves its stately architecture.
  • Hacienda Xochuca cultivates 150 hectares of crops, in addition to extracting and fermenting pulque.
  • Ex Hacienda Xalostoc was one of the region’s richest estates. Now they offer accommodations and event spaces. In 2001, it won the Premio Nacional de Restauración Histórica (National Award for Historic Restoration).
  • Ex Hacienda San Buenaventura, a pulque-producing estate, dates from the 18th century. It still possesses its original facade.

At the Very Least

Tour the pulque-producing haciendas and learn all about this drink–from the fields, harvesting, extraction, and fermentation.

Don’t Miss

  1. Take a look at the 18th-century altarpieces in the Parroquia de San Agustín church.
  2. Sip pulque in Xochuca and Tepetzala haciendas.
  3. Spend the night in a hacienda or ecotourism center.