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Discover the Time-Honored Tradition of Tlachiqueros

Learn about the artisanal process and delight your taste buds with aguamiel and “del fuerte” (strong) pulque.

Aguamiel is a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink. Extracted from maguey plants since 200 B.C., you can drink it directly from the plant or let it ferment and become pulque. Moreover, it has medicinal properties that make it not only a delicious but healthy tonic.

Also known as clachique, urapi, and tlachique, the workers who extract it from the pulque-producing maguey plants are called tlachiqueros. The drink has a honey-like consistency and a sweet flavor that begins to change the moment the tlachiquero extracts it with an acocote gourd.


Grupo Pulmex, Vía Corta Santa Ana-Puebla, Yoalcoatl, La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, Tlax., México

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