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Climb the church belltower for the view of Cerro Cabezón. Practice rappel. Slide across a zipline. Wrap yourself up in a wool shawl. Enjoy the coffee.

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Marcos Ferro

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What Makes It Magical

Brimming with sacred firs and clean air, this place has all the charm of the sierra towns. The passing clouds hang low or circle round the peak of Cerro Cabezón. Below, the people grow flowers—especially tuberoses. The white flowers are used to create tapestries and offerings for the town’s patron saint, Our Lady of the Assumption. A delicious silence fills in the gaps between dances and rituals. It’s a place to drink coffee and herbal liqueurs while watching life go by in the main square.

Why You Should Go

The Cerro Cabezón Hill

  • The exposed limestone mountain that’s a permanent feature of life in the town.
  • The setting sun makes the mountain look like it’s on fire. Tlatlauquitepec means “mountain that burns or turns red.”
  • There are tons of caves that spelunkers will love to explore.
  • There are also three ziplines spanning lengths of 262, 492, and 656 feet.

At the Very Least

Climb the belltower at Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús for the view of Cerro Cabezón in the distance.

Don’t Miss

  1. Checking out paintings by Luis Toral González at the priest house next to the church.
  2. Picking up organic Mazatepec coffee.
  3. Trying yolixpa, the traditional herbal liqueur of the Sierra Poblana.

Marcos Ferro