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Puerto Balleto (Islas Marías)

Part of the Islas Marías archipelago, this Magical Town offers adventure along with biodiversity and thrills.

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What Makes It Magical

Puerto Balleto is an enchanting town located on the largest island in the Islas Marías archipelago. María Madre is the only inhabited island in the group, and from 1905 to 2019 it was part of Mexico’s prison system. These days, the town focuses on environmental conservation and tourism.

Puerto Balleto is also part of a biosphere reserve, offering the best views over the Pacific while also sheltering a wide variety of plants and animals. The archipelago encompasses 1,585 acres of land, and María Madre is the largest and only populated island.

Today, the Islas Marías are a symbol of environmental conservation, history, culture, and low-impact hiking, where nature tourism is the name of the game.

Why You Should Go

  • In 2010, the UNESCO declared the archipelago to be a biosphere reserve due to its high diversity of plants and wildlife.
  • It has endemic species of flora and fauna, such as the yellow-headed parrot and the Islas Marías raccoons and rabbits.
  • There are more than 21 shark species, 10 different kinds of manta rays, coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life.

At the Very Least

Wander Plaza Juárez as the sun goes down and enjoy the calm vibe that permeates every corner of this island.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit Templo de Guadalupe church.
  2. Peek into Casa de la Monja, a lovely house with a history.
  3. Wander Plaza Juárez square and walk down the tourist pedestrian street.
  4. Hike up to the Christ statue and marvel at the sweeping view from its lookout.
  5. Enjoy a day at the beach.