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Amatlán de Cañas

Nestled in the heart of a valley encircled by high peaks and craggy canyons, this uniquely beautiful town will take your breath away.

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Humidity 84%

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What Makes It Magical

Amatlán de Cañas sits in the foothills of Ceboruco volcano, between Pajaritos and San Pedro mountains. The area is filled with verdant valleys wrapped in pine and oak forests, with its rugged canyons giving a one-of-a-kind air. It is best to take it slow and explore it bit by bit.

Its name, from the Náhuatl language, comes from the words Amtl, or amate tree, and tlan, or place. Together, they form “place with many amate trees and much paper”. The word “cañas” was added in reference to the mills used to extract the juice from sugarcane.

It features red tile roofs and a legacy of mining, imbuing its landscapes with a quaint, nostalgic air you will find enchanting. The river that runs through the region is fed by springs and waterfalls, which are the great natural attractions of this spot in southeastern Nayarit.

Why You Should Go

Visit neighboring communities holding architectural, natural, and historical treasures that shape their present, like:

  • Barranca del Oro
  • El Rosario
  • El Manto
  • Estancia de los López

At the Very Least

Exploring Amatlán de Cañas means seeing its streams and falls tucked into canyons, visiting its former hacienda estates, and venturing into mine shafts, where minerals are still being mined. Taking a history-filled lap around its 18th– and 19th-century monuments and sampling its sweet regional cuisine is a must for all travelers.

Don’t Miss

  1. Walk around the historic center and visit the Jesús Nazareno church, built with limestone and brick in 1750.
  2. Unwind in the hot springs, that reach up to 98.6 °F, perched on the banks of the river.
  3. Tour the gold and silver mines.
  4. Dare to try an activity in the canyons.
  5. Cool off in El Manto and discover this beautiful waterpark nestled in an imposing canyon.
  6. Relax in any of the many hot springs.
  7. Find out how chocolate bars are made and savor a delicious hot chocolate in one of its artisanal workshops.
  8. Visit El Pilón mining town.
  9. Learn about the artisanal way with peanuts in the towns of El Rosario and Estancia de los López.