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See the first paper mill in Latin America. Check out giant rock formations. Explore a verdant forest.

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What Makes it Magical

The perfect combination between natural beauty, architecture, calmness, and adrenaline could be a good way to describe Tapalpa, a place that has something for everyone. Anything you do is going to be enveloped in magic in high altitude towns, whose location puts them closer to heaven.

Why You Should Go

Valle de los Enigmas

  • Enormous monoliths that may have been scattered meteorites that fell millions of years ago in a valley.
  • It’s said to be a very powerful energy center, attracting many visitors, especially during equinoxes.
  • On some rocks you can see petroglyphs made by pre-Hispanic tribes.

At the Very Least

Climb one of Las Piedrotas, do rappel, and walk through the valley.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visiting the ruins of the first paper mill in Latin America.
  2. Taking a horseback ride through the woods.
  3. Paragliding over the valley.