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Unwind in this oasis with hot springs in the middle of the semi-desert. Be intrigued by its pre-Hispanic past and enjoy its colonial-era architecture.

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What Makes It Magical

This town is an oasis in the midst of Hidalgo’s semiarid Bajío region. Its many water parks are fed by warm water luring you away from the city. In addition, the town’s history and architecture are also appealing. Ancient cultures that inhabited the area left archeological remains telling of times gone by, just as with the Franciscan convent and the old, vaulted houses from the colonial era.

Why You Should Go

The Hot Springs in Its Water Parks

  • The water is mineral rich and 100°F.
  • This is the site of a naturally-occurring geyser of healing water that shoots up from the hilly countryside.
  • Also remarkable are Taxidhó’s springs. The cleanliness and purity of its water have won awards in Paris.

At the Very Least

Head to Balneario El Géiser, a natural water park whose geyser sprays water that is almost 200°F.

Don’t Miss

  1. Take a look through the Former Convent of Santiago Apóstol.
  2. Enjoy quirky ice cream flavors, such as garambullo (cactus berries) and nopal cactus with cream cheese, on the town square.
  3. Learn about El Pañhú archeological site.