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Huasca de Ocampo

Marvel at the intriguing Prismas Basálticos rock formations, listen to the roar of their waterfalls, and visit the woods in search of playful elves.

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What Makes It Magical

This town at the end of the mountain still resonates with the bonanza of days gone by, when the Count of Regla, Pedro Romero de Terreros, built several silver and gold mining estates that made him the richest man of his time. Today, only ruins remain, giving us a glimpse of the toil of the past. Now they are part of the landscape along with forests and canyons where natural stone columns, waterfalls, dams, and mischievous elves vie for visitors’ attention.

Why You Should Go

Prismas Basálticos Rock Formations

  • They are naturally-occurring stone columns with 5 or 6 sides, formed by quickly cooling lava.
  • It is one of three such formations in the world, together with Hawaii (underwater) and Northern Ireland.
  • They are one of Mexico’s natural wonders.

At the Very Least

Walk down into the canyon where the basalt columns rise.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit Hacienda Santa María Regla.
  2. Feast on trout in El Parián.
  3. Fly in a hot-air balloon over the Huasca de Ocampo region.