Light and Life Festival

Festival de la Luz y de la Vida

A pre-Hispanic ritual, fireworks, and a sense of belonging warm the hearts of those present.

When Day of the Dead arrives, the celebration takes on a different tone. In the morning, people go out in costumes along the main streets, while a mock cemetery across from Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol church provides the right atmosphere for the shared spirit. In the evening, the Festival de la Luz y la Vida (Light and Life Festival) begins. It’s a spectacle not to be missed: over a thousand torches are handed out in offering, as a slow pilgrimage makes its way from the church along Calzada de las Almas, to Lake Chignahuapan and the theater next to it.

When: November 1





Laguna Chignahuapan, Teoconchila, Chignahuapan, Puebla, México

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