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With fertile plains and bountiful waters, Tecate is a Magical Town which invites you to explore it with all five senses. There are relaxing ranches and spas, tempting restaurants, bakeries and vineyards, and plenty of mountains to enjoy rappelling, hiking, cycling or simply enjoying the view!

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What Makes It Magical  

Leading into this town, you will marvel at the landscape of pine and oak forests, grape and olive vines. As you arrive, you will meet Tecate’s inhabitants, expert wine and beer makers. After just a few days here, you will feel very much one of them, trying local bakeries and restaurants, strolling around the Parque Miguel Hidalgo, traveling on the train. 
Calm ranch hotels perfect for relaxing both your body and mind are waiting to welcome you… and saying goodbye to the town will be the most difficult part of the trip, given Tecate’s simply irresistible ambience.  

Why You Should Go  

The ranches and spas 

  • Visit the historic Rancho Tecate, where horseback riding and tours of the vineyards are offered. 
  • You can practice yoga, play tennis or learn to cook at Rancho La Puerta.
  • A temascal bath, mud therapy and a cottage with a fireplace await at Rancho Los Chabacanos. 
  • Rancho Ojai boasts cabins that wake up covered in snow in winter. 
  • A pool, aromatherapy and off-road tracks are part of the atmosphere of Hacienda Santa Verónica. 

At the Very Least 

Enjoy temascales, massages and aromatherapy at the ranches. 

Don’t Miss 

  1. Sign up fora tour of the facilities of the famous Tecate brewery. 
  2. Enjoy a coffee at Casa París, the French-style venue on a corner of Miguel Hidalgo Park. 
  3. Take a tour on the tourist train through the restored Tijuana-Tecate route.