Museo Alberto Ruz Lhuillier

Alberto Ruz Lhuillier Museum

Museo Alberto Ruz Lhuillier

When on the subject of Palenque, it is important to mention the name of the French archeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, who did extensive research work on the site. Known internationally for his discovery of the tomb inside Palenque’s Temple of the Inscriptions, the place where his remains today lie.

The museum named after this famous archeologist currently houses sculptures and tablets with glyphic inscriptions, clay figurines and incense holders. You can also find masks, necklaces and pectorals that once formed part of the funerary offerings discovered on this archeological site. A replica of the funerary chamber and Pakal’s sarcophagus complete the museum’s display.



Museo de Sitio de Palenque "Alberto Ruz L'Huillier", Carretera Zona Arqueológica " Palenque ", Palenque, Chis., México

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