Bilbao Dunes

These enigmatic dunes are the result of the erosion of the surrounding mountainous formations. 

This is one of the most beautiful areas of sand dunes in Mexico. The hills of sand, always in movement, are reminiscent of the deserts of Arabia, Namibia or the Sahara. 

This is a natural protected area of 40 acres. Only 20% of it is designated for eco-tourism activities. 

This is an ideal place to walk, do exercise or just feel the soft sand beneath your feet. There are some who even go sandboarding. 

Film Set

Because of their evocative power and their photogenic virtues, the Bilbao Dunes have served as a set for countless films, including the following Mexican productions: 

Todo por nada (Everything for Nothing) (1968) 

El topo (The Mole) (1970) 

Ángel caído (Fallen Angel) (2011) 

Salvando al soldado Pérez (Saving Private Pérez) (2011) 

And the foreign productions: 

One Man’s Hero (1999) 

Blueberry, l’expérience secrète (2004) 

Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Although it may seem a solitary place, the dunes conceal an entire ecosystem. Insects and reptiles are not difficult to spot. It is said that there is even an endemic lizard with the scientific name Uma exsul, which is why entering the area on quadbikes or any motorized vehicle is not recommended. Simply arrive on foot and enjoy it. 


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Dunas de Bilbao, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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