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Real de Asientos

In the semi desert region of Aguascalientes, this tiny mining town surprises visitors with its interesting—and varied—activities.

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What Makes It Magical 

In Aguascalientes’ semi desert, this tiny town will delight you with surprises and thrills. Stepping into the church or former convent will give you a jolt of faith in the presence of Our Lady of Bethlehem or the Señor del Tepozán. Venture into underground tunnels, admire religious art, see the state’s first cemetery, or wander along the aqueduct, and you will be transported to the Real de Minas of time gone by when it prospered as a mining town. If you would like to get a closer look, who knows? Maybe you’ll start shooting arrows just like the Chichimec people ages ago

Why You Should Go 

Colonial-Era Riches 

  • Founded in 1694 by prospectors, a large vein of silver was struck fifty years later. That was the beginning of the town’s bonanza; it formally became a town in 1713, and grew rapidly. Soon, this became an important stop on the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (Royal Road of the Interior Land). During this time, it festooned itself with great religious and civil art, including the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Belén and the Franciscan convent dedicated to the Señor del Tepozán. 

At the Very Least 

Get a close-up look at the art in the pinacotheca of the Parroquia y Museo del Ex Convento del Señor del Tepozán. 

Don’t Miss 

  1. Explore the tunnels under the church with a local guide. 
  1. See the town aboard Piojito, a charming tourist train
  1. Hike up to Capilla del Cerrito