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Be Astonished in the Sierra La Marta 

Completely covered in snow during the winter, the Cumbre del Morro, which crowns the Sierra de la Marta, is Coahuila’s second tallest mountain.

It is 12,140-foot-tall and is covered in forests and surrounded by deep valleys and canyons, especially in its southeast flank, where the mountain ends abruptly with a colossal drop of nearly 6,000 feet.   

Its northern flank is separated from the Sierra de San Antonio by the long valley or Cañón Amargos, where the tourist center Bosques de Monterreal is located, the only place in Mexico where you can ski in the style of the Swiss Alps. 

In winter, abundant snowfall is common and this is why it becomes one of the country’s most beautiful natural panoramas.




Sierra de la Marta, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México

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