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Try the Authentic Flavors of Arteaga 

Try the typical flavors of Arteaga and spoil your palate. 

Cremería D’Arteaga: cream, requesón (soft white cheese), queso botanero (cheese for snacking), cheese for grilling, Chihuahua cheese. Next door is the chorizo store. La Tiendita de Mariela or Dulces y Conservas La Rosa de Arteaga (Sweets and Conserves La Rosa de Arteaga) where you will find handicrafts, conserves, liquors and sweets. 

Carnitas (slow cooked pork) is this town’s star dish and one of the most prestigious restaurants in Arteaga (with reason) is Carnitas El Cristal. It is very close to the Alameda. The classic dish here is carnitas and chicharron (pork crackling), accompanied by beer, micheladas (beer with lime juice and salt) or clamatos (tomato and clam juice).



Cremería D'Arteaga, arteaga

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