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Vuela en parapente por los cielos

Flying is perhaps a human being’s biggest dream. Can you imagine soaring through the air and seeing the whole town from another perspective? Just head up Monte Alto or De La Cruz Hill in Valle de Bravo. When you go, you’ll you can choose from hang or paragliding. It’s important to know the difference. A paraglider uses a flexible wing and take off consists for running from the mountain top in order to catch natural air currents and gain altitude. You land by going against the wind aided only by your legs. Whereas a hang-glider consists of a wing mounted on an aluminum frame, where the pilot is in horizontal position. Changes in body position are what propel the wing. The flight can last hours or minutes.

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Check out our getaway. We’ll take you on a paraglider or hang-glider ride for an unbeatable experience over the lake. If you’re more low key, head up El Divisadero or La Peña just to enjoy the panoramic view and take photos.


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Monte Alto, Valle de Bravo, Méx., México

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