Things to do

Go for a Walk

There’s no better way to see the town than by walking. With every step you can soak up the cobblestone streets, red-tiled adobe houses, handicrafts shops, restaurants, and especially, the townspeople who come and go selling delicious food, garden-grown vegetables, flowers, and more. The Santa María Ahuacatlán neighborhood is a good place to start. Check out the Black Christ figure on the altar of the Santa María Chapel and the Parroquia de San Francisco, with its impressive 16th-century bell tower. The Joaquín Arcadio Pagaza Cultural Center is located near the middle of the neighborhood on Alameda Street. Don’t miss the surrounding areas, starting with Avándaro, where you can not only enjoy a delicious breakfast of chalupas or chorizo quesadillas, but also see part of the lake that has brought fame to this part of the state.





Centro, Valle de Bravo, Méx., México

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