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A peaceful, picturesque town with a prosperous mining past, Villanueva was the last town founded in Zacatecas.

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What Makes It Magical

Villanueva‘s sleepy, picturesque air is reason enough to stop and stroll through its streets. This destination holds a wealth of history, culture and architecture. Its natural scenery, former haciendas, and archeological site are attractions that will enrich any visit.

Its historic, archeological, architectural, and cultural draw include a space for celestial experiences, ethno-religious and spiritual ceremonies, and solstice celebrations.

Villanueva was founded on February 4, 1692 as Villagutierre del Águila, in honor of the president of the Royal Court of Guadalajara, Alonso de Ceballos Villagutierre, and the governing mayor of Juchipila, Pedro Salazar y Águila. In 1721, it became Villa de San Judas Tadeo de Villagutierre del Águila, to commemorate the town’s patron saint, San Judas Tadeo (Saint Judas). It wasn’t until years later that it became just Villanueva.

The town’s identity is reflected in its religious customs and delectable cuisine. In October the Feria Regional de Villanueva honors San Judas Tadeo. Also be sure not to miss its famous raspanieves—an icy, syrup-covered treat, sandwiches, menudo (tripe) soup, rich birria soup, little tamales, bread made with pulque, and huicholas, a regional pastry made with wheat flour, sugar, and honey.

Why You Should Go

La Quemada Archeological Site

  • Its great columned chamber with its plaza.
  • The ballcourt.
  • The pyramid base now called Votiva pyramid.

At the Very Least

The church of San Judas Tadeo is the oldest place in the Americas where this saint is worshipped.

Don’t Miss

  1. Sample the famous raspanieves—an icy, syrup-covered treat.
  2. Visit Tayahua, singer Antonio Aguilar‘s hometown.
  3. Explore Malpaso, a former hacienda estate.
  4. Check out the arched walkway.
  5. Eat at the town market.