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Naolinco de Victoria

Naolinco is an enchanting Magical Town in Veracruz, located just 28 miles from the capital city of Xalapa. Get away from it all and come discover its charms!

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What Makes It Magical

Its name lays outs what makes Naolinco magical. Naolinco comes from the Náhuatl language. The first part, naui, means number 4, and olli means movement. Together, they can be translated as “the four seasons of the year.” And here, in this colorful town some 4,921 feet above sea level, all four seasons can occur in just one day. The town is known for its colonial-era architecture, rich cultural traditions, and peaceful, picturesque air. It is set about 28 miles northeast of the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.

Naolinco’s Traditional Vibe

One of the main qualities that make Naolinco so special is its well-preserved colonial architecture. The cobblestone streets and picturesque houses with their colorful facades and wrought iron balconies give the town a special charm. The historic buildings and churches evoke nostalgic feelings of being caught in time, letting you enjoy past and present at once.

Besides its architecture, Naolinco is known for producing shoes, textiles, and white clay artworks. You can learn more about these traditions and pick up a few pieces as you wander its streets paved with volcanic rock.

Holidays are celebrated with large skeletal catrina figures, flickering candles, and flowers, lending a one-of-a-kind glow to the colors enlivening its streets. Traditional dances accompanied by eye-catching masks reflect Naolinco’s soul in their movements and the skill of its artisans all at the same time.

The natural beauty of the area’s waterfalls and verdant surroundings are not just enticing, they are also magnetic, and once you experience them, you won’t want to leave. You’ll want to try out the many experiences awaiting in each of its spectacular corners.

Why You Should Go

Cascada El Encanto

  • This waterfall is hidden inside a cave.
  • It plunges 98.4 feet.
  • The river runs through a 2,150-feet-high canyon.

At the Very Least

Go to a lookout point to capture the best pictures of Naolinco’s scenery, caught in the fog. Visit the cemetery for the Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day celebrations.

Don’t Miss

  1. Taste the eggplant ice cream and traditional candy.
  2. Visit a mask workshop.
  3. Shop for white clay handicrafts.
  4. Savor the rich, savory enmoladas, sauce-covered tortillas served with local sausage.
  5. Check out a shoemaker’s shop.