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Córdoba is a destination that will captivate you with its beauty, charm, and history. Wander leisurely through its streets and enjoy the region's best coffee.

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What Makes It Magical

Located in the central region of Veracruz, Córdoba is a city bursting with customs and culture. All around it, you can enjoy the beauty of its lush vegetation studded with waterfalls, rivers, and mountains, presenting one-of-a-kind settings for unforgettable experiences.

Córdoba Is a Space Overflowing with Nature and Architecture

If you are into nature, you can’t miss your chance to walk through its parks and green spaces. Plus, you can bird-watch, hike, and ride bikes.

Its history goes along with the colonial-era neoclassical architecture, which can be seen in Córdoba’s cathedral and the Palacio Municipal, or town hall. They are truly treasures sculpted in stone, offering you a glimpse into the past.

The historic center is a lovely place to spend some time. The gazebo forms the epicenter of a quiet afternoon accompanied by the singing of the birds that fly to and fro among the art nouveau-style lampposts complete with wrought iron detailing, and up into the church’s atrium.

Cuisine to Delight Your Tastebuds

You simply must sample the rich mole sauce that comes in a range of flavors, reflecting the fertile land and organic, local ingredients. The little steamed tamales, some Veracruz-style enchiladas, and traditional candy will make your mouth water! And, if coffee is your thing, you should know that Córdoba is a coffee lover’s paradise.

Why You Should Go

Its History and Architectural Gems

  • The La Gloria arcade is the archway from which Maximiliano de Habsburgo gave his first speech in Mexico.
  • See where Benito Juárez once stayed in the former Palacio Imperial government building.
  • Dance to danzón music around the gazebo in the main plaza .
  • Visit the Museo de la Ciudad, a museum that was once the home of the poet Jorge Cuesta.

At the Very Least

Tour the historic center, visiting the Inmaculada Concepción cathedral, the Zevallos arcade, and participate in a coffee-tasting session in the Museo de Café.

Don’t Miss

  1. Explore the Toxpan archeological zone.
  2. Tour the Ex Hacienda San Francisco Toxpan estate.
  3. Take a dip in its natural pools.
  4. Visit the old Guadalupana hacienda.
  5. Paraglide in El Fortín.
  6. Venture into the impressive Popocatl cave.
  7. Visit a coffee plantation.