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A city celebrating corn and enveloped in natural wonders—Ixtenco is pure magic!

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What Makes It Magical

Famous for its corn fair, craters, gastronomy, and handicrafts, Ixtenco is Tlaxcala’s last stronghold of Otomí culture.

From its lovely churches and pre-Hispanic heritage to its beautiful natural attractions, to experience Ixtenco is to be filled with magic and wonder. Tour timeworn hacienda estates and discover the breathtaking natural landscapes that surround this corner of central Mexico. Ixtenco awaits!

Why You Should Go

Festival of San Juan Bautista or Fiesta del Maíz

  • On the night of June 23rd, Ixtenco throws a party to commemorate its patron saint—Saint John the Baptist. The celebration is also known as “La Fiesta del Maíz” (Corn Festival).
  • The town decks itself with awe-inspiring carpets of intricately arranged corn kernels and flowers. The vivid designs use the many varieties of corn for the different colors.
  • At night, the faithful bring the figure of the saint out of the church and take it on a procession over the flower carpets. Women wear Otomí finery: over embroidered blouses hang lovely, three-colored necklaces.
  • At dusk on the 24th, the fair is held with dances and fireworks. They are famous for their fantastical elements and large size.
  • Also called the “Fiesta de Matuma” (Matuma Festival) by the Otomí people, part of this celebration includes the sale of the many regional varieties of corn.

At the Very Least

Check out the view from Xalapasco mountain, also referred to as “El señor de los 10 cráteres” (The man of the 10 craters). From here, you can see several craters or maars, created by volcanic activity hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Don’t Miss

  1. Explore the San Antonio, San José Bautista, San Santiago, and San Cristóbal ex hacienda estates, known for their legends of hidden treasures.
  2. Stop into the San Juan church and the Virgin of Guadalupe chapel, Ixtenco’s two oldest churches.
  3. Sample the rich, delicious mole de ladrillo, made of guajillo chili peppers, corn dough, coriander, cinnamon, and beef.
  4. Enjoy a cup of sour atole, a hot beverage made with purple corn.