Admire Tlaxcala’s highlands from on high, visit the workshops of its artisans, tour pulque-producing haciendas, and sample the moles cooked up at Hacienda Soltepec.

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Services in Huamantla

What Makes It Magical

Watched over by La Malinche volcano sits Huamantla, a festive and colorful town where inhabitants’ lives are centered by worshipping Our Lady of Charity. This is especially visible in August when they stay up all night creating sawdust rugs that stretch on and on. It echoes with bullfighting and a history of pulque production, as several neighboring haciendas attest. The rest of the year, puppets, golden canutillo embroidery, mole stews, and outings up the volcano will enchant visitors.

Why You Should Go

The Night When No One Sleeps.

  • Everyone stays up to honor Our Lady of Charity on August 14.
  • They create sawdust rugs in fabulous colors, covering almost 4 miles of streets.
  • Flowers and shapes complete the striking sight.
  • This fleeting art has been handed down from generation to generation. It is an honor for everyone involved in carrying out this arduous but gorgeous task.

At the Very Least

Admire the robes embroidered with golden thread worn by Our Lady of Charity, who dons a new one every August, thanks the hands of the women who are masters in the art of golden canutillo embroidery.

Don’t Miss

  1. Sample the rich matuma mole stew and sour corn atole drink in Hacienda Soltepec’s restaurant.
  2. Take part in a group horseback ride through the surrounding area.
  3. Climb Malintzin or La Malinche volcano.
  4. With the last sip of pulque, do the “alacrántest and look for the scorpion shape.