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San Pedro y San Pablo Teposcolula

Relax and lose yourself between the walls of the convent complex, wander through the Capilla Abierta chapel and soak up the sunny skies, taste artisanal liquors and spicy yellow mole sauce.

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What Makes It Magical

The Mixtec town of Teposcolula is tucked under a sky filled with white clouds that, from a distance, seem to float across the roof of its immense Dominican convent. It is filled with stone columns, walls, and vaults that let the fresh air stream in through the archways. In the afternoons, you can watch the rays of sunshine chase each other across the walls of the structure, created by the Dominicans. Other memories of colonial times appear along the cobblestone streets. But it is the warmth of its people that draws you back.

Why You Should Go

Colonial Convent Complex

  • Built in the 16th century.
  • The church’s facade features tequitqui art blending indigenous and European elements.
  • The Capilla de Santa Gertrudis bears a resemblance to La Antigua, Guatemala.
  • The Capilla Abierta is Latin America’s largest chapel.

At the Very Least

See the oil paintings and the confessional carved from a single piece of wood, and the Capilla de Santa Gertrudis with its Solomonic columns.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit Casa de la Cacica to learn more about Teposcolula.
  2. Learn about colonial waterworks in El Alarcón and La Alcantarilla.
  3. Explore Pueblo Viejo mountain.