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Feel the religious fervor, experience the elation of its celebrations, and sweeten your day with its baked goods.

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What Makes It Magical

In the midst of the rugged, stunningly beautiful Sierra Madre del Sur mountains sits Juquila, the place where the Virgin Mary chose to respond to the pleas of the devout who steadfastly and hopefully sing, dance, play music, and bring all kinds of gifts for her.

Why You Should Go

Devotion to the Virgin of Juquila

  • Almost 2 million people visit the Virgin every year seeking her mercy.
  • Figurines of the Juquilita Virgin, for protecting homes and businesses, are sold outside the church.
  • The Juquilita Virgin measures about a foot tall, wears a tunic covered by a cloak that falls from her shoulders. She has a crown and 12-star halo on her head, a moon at her feet like the woman of the Apocalypse. She is joined on her wooden base by the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, wrought in silver.

At the Very Least

Visit the Santuario de la Inmaculada Virgen de Juquilachurch.

Don’t Miss

  1. Walk the Sendero de Fe (Path of Faith).
  2. Make bread and traditional candies.
  3. Visit the natural areas.