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Huautla de Jiménez

Climb Cerro de la Adoración mountain to seek healing, visit the house where the healer María Sabina lived, explore deep inside the Sótano de San Agustín caves, sip delicious coffee from the Mazatec region… do it all in this Magical Town northwest of Oaxaca’s capital city.

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What Makes It Magical

In the Mazatec region, wrapped in the vegetation that rises and falls across the mountains, you find this town shrouded in fog and with the sweet smell of wet earth, deep caverns, and age-old rituals. Here the voices of nature and the prayers that made the healer María Sabina famous are heard. Echoes also rise from the depths of the earth. A cup of good coffee on a bench in the main square is a memory that will stay with whoever visits these Mazatec lands.

Why You Should Go

Sótano de San Agustín

  • The cave was explored for the first time in 1970. It is a cave system, considered to be the deepest in the Americas.
  • It has 20 entrances, is 45 miles long, and is almost a mile deep.
  • For the indigenous people, the cave is a sacred space, an impenetrable place that should be respected.

At the Very Least

Chat with Huautla’s people about their traditions.

Don’t Miss

  1. Take in the town and Mazatec mountains from the Loma de Chapultepec lookout point.
  2. Enjoy locally grown coffee.
  3. Learn more about the shamans María Sabina and Julieta Casimiro.