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Xochitepec is one of Morelos' new Magical Towns. Overflowing with charm and natural scenery, it is only a few hours from Mexico City!

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What Makes It Magical

With colorful streets, delicious cuisine, historic architecture, and the feeling of being frozen in time, Xochitepec makes for a great weekend getaway. It is less than two hours from Mexico City, on the western side of Morelos state, and features an array of tourism options for its visitors.

Its name means “Cerro de las Flores” (Flower Mountain), and comes from the Náhuatl words xōchi (flower), tepē (mountain), and c (on).

Why You Should Go

This inviting Magical Town is rich in traditions, gastronomy, culture, architecture, and history. It enjoys an excellent climate, bucolic landscapes, and natural scenery enticing you to unplug and unwind.

In addition, as with other locations in Morelos, you can have fun in fantastic waterparks with crystal-clear water. In Balneario San Ramón, you can swim in spring water. And in Balneario Palo Bolero, you will find pools of sulpher-rich water. They are perfect for get rid of the stress of urban life, taking it easy, and soaking up the moment.

What’s more, one of the spots that best represents this Magical Town is Cerrito, a local landmark that forms the base of a lovely clock. It was built by townspeople who believed it would help avoid illness and store grain and foodstuffs. Locals say Cerrito is needed because it receives positive energy from cosmic rays and promotes harmony, prosperity, and good health.

At the Very Least

Sample Xochitepec‘s exquisite cuisine in the town market. Beyond just Mexican snacks, you can find social and cultural events and traditional regional handicrafts.

Don’t Miss

  1. Visit Museo Doctor Emeterio González. This museum exhibits more than 500 objects. Among the most interesting are a meteorite that fell on Zazacatla de Xochitepec common land, archeological treasures, and old farm implements.
  2. Take a dip in Río Tetlama and Apatlaco. During Holy Week, locals head to these rivers for a fun outing.